Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Are you an iPhone Addict? There’s a shop for That!

I remember back in the day when being able to access the internet with your cell phone sounded like such a cool deal until I found out it was all text and no pictures, how boring.

Then the day came that I  met the iPhone and it was love at first sight! With its sleek design, smooth touch screen and app’s for just about anything you can think of …. it was time to accessorize!

Surprisingly there’s really not a great selection at the local shops, so when I started searching on Etsy I found iPhone heaven!  Not only did I find awesome cases but incredible docks, pillows, decals, art and more!

Are you an iPhone Addict 1-25-10

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CrazieGracie said...

This compilation is so very cool ! Worthy of a Front Page of any Design Magazine. I love it.